『Touch Me』   『Polar Bear, Koda』   『A Dog Detective, Min Cheol』
TOUCH ME (You will know as well once you touch it) is a tactile sense-based book that enables both visually impaired and sighted children to read by touching the pictures.
This book’s highlight is the drastic turn of the mother bear and the baby bear, Koda, who try to protect each other from threats. It also uses humor to depict Boba, the reckless hunter who journeys to hunt polar bears.
This is a story about Min Cheol and Chang Sik’s finding a missing dog, Ppoppi as members from their own detective club for tracking down missing dogs with their love of dogs.
BF Books publishes books customized by type of reading disability, so that our readers have equal right to read and enjoy a variety of books.
Today   We love rainy days   Anchovy' s Dream   Baby Pig Kkui
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